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EEWA produces semi-automatic foot switch operated Direct heat Sealer designed for packaging applications, small quantity and occasional sealing applications. Accurate temperature controller controls, sealing temperature of upper & lower jaws for strong, attractive water tight seal. These machines seal all types of laminated films in wide variety of thickness and are also suitable for making empty pouches. Every pneumatic machine are provided with air cylinder, air filter, oil lubricator, and air gauge with suitable capacity and proper range.


  • Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operated
  • Seals polyethylene bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Seals materials up to 20" wide (model dependent)
  • Seal width is 10mm- 12.5mm
  • Hot Bars available in plain, serrated type, lining design
  • Heat controlled by the accurate electronic, thermostatic and precision components


EEWA produces vertically mounted sealers and trim sealers are so designed that the filled bag is moved under the sealing jaws by hand or conveyor standing at the machine. Operator pulls open end of the bag between the sealing jaws and then press the pneumatic foot switch of machine. It will make to close the jaw and start the sealing process These Machines are designed for bulk bags sealing. The production speeds vary according to the type and thickness of sealing bags and also the operators skill.



  • Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operation
  • Horizontal jaw movement
  • Seals polyethylene bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Seals materials up to 120" wide
  • Seal width is 2 mm- 3 mm- 5mm. 7mm
  • Two Parallel seals on request
  • Equipped with a plug-in electronic timer and easy to use adjustment knob. Adjusting the sealing time provides for different material thickness.
  • Light indicates when seal is done. Once the correct time is set, the sealer will provide a perfect, consistent, flat seal every time.
  • Easy to operate. Simply set the timer, insert bag between the sealing bars, press down on the foot witch, and release.

  • Optional Attachment

  • Water cooling facility.


EEWA produces continuous belt sealer for seal bags, pouches with greater speed and output. This type of sealers are ideal for sealing plastic bags of virtually any size and length. The built in adjustable speed conveyor belt carries the loaded bag through the sealer. The bags lay flat on the conveyor with the horizontal models. With vertical band sealers bags are sealed in a "standing position" which is ideal for packaging bags containing spillable items such as powders, liquids, grains, etc. These sealers consist of a frame, on/off switch, speed regulator, cooling fan, electronic temperature controller, drive & adjustable conveyor and sealing. The PTFE Non Stick sealing bands, drive belts and conveyor belt are controlled by one motor. When the on/off switch is turned on, the temperature controller begins heating the sealing blocks. The temperature setting and the speed setting will depend on the type and thickness of material being sealed. The bag will pass through the sealing blocks, cooling blocks and embossing wheel before being dropped out the end sealed.
Belt sealers are easy to operate. Turn on the power & fan and set the temperature on the temperature controller. When the preset temperature has been reached, place the bag at the positioning plate bag guide. The sealing bands carry the bag through the unit to seal the bag. Sealed bag is released at end of sealer. No pushing or pulling is required.



  • Seal bags, pouches etc. with greater speed and output
  • Sturdy and heavy duty construction
  • Ideal for round the clock production run
  • Can seal all types of bags including heavy duty PE bags and poly laminated pouches
  • Different height of bags can be sealed by slight adjustment
  • Available in Horizontal or Vertical type sealing



EEWA produces Foil & Cap / Lid sealer useful for sealing cap, foil on plastic bottle, jar, cup and container. This is manual hand press machine and simple in operation. Heat controlled by the accurate thermostatic controls. In Manual Hand Press Machine, four models are available;

  • Model Mark I - with 4" diameter sealing die
  • Model Mark II - with 5" or 6" diameter sealing die
  • Model Mark III - with 7" diameter sealing die
  • Model Mark IV - with 8" diameter sealing die

EEWA also offers another two types of foil & cap sealer machine of mechanical type & pneumatically powered for seals foils, caps of plastic bottle, jar, container, cup.
When using these motor driven mechanical type machine , the sealing jaw operates automatically as per the speed cycle adjusted. Speed of these machine can be controlled through speed control switch.






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