Plastics Welding Machine


Machine is suitable for sealing/welding thin or rigid PVC sheet in any shape. This Machine is available in Manual Foot Pedal Press as well as in Pneumatically Controlled Semi-Automatic Model in various capacities from 1 KW to 7 KW



  • Sturdy M.S. structure for high pressure of working
  • Ideal for domestic & industrial articles
  • Gives mass & fast production even with domestic power with low rate of power consumption
  • An ideal machine for all PVC fabrication jobs
  • No warm up period is required
  • All controls are visible and easy to operate during the operations
  • Well and high quality control
  • Prompt delivery
  • Competitive price


  • Urine Bag (Medical Appliances)
  • Tent
  • Toys
  • Gift item
  • Photo Album
  • Bank Pass Book Cover
  • Photo Identity Card
  • Foot wears
  • Trade mark
  • Sticking label
  • Raincoat
  • Many other products from PVC material


EEWA produces a complete set of 2 Machines of for making plastics file/ folders in complete manners from Polypropylene or any other plastic sheets except PVC materials. The Machines are pneumatically controlled semi automatic model for crissing, labeling, pocket making. Through the adjustable jaws, the user can change the die as per requirement for variety of production.
Out of a set of 2 Machines, File Back Labeling Machine is an Impulse Model Machine seals the film of the Label on the P.P. file back. Three inserted gap provided on the machine for size adjusting as per file sizes


Standard Features

  • Pneumatically powered semi-automatic model
  • 18" long sealing jaw
  • Double heating element in fixed & adjustable type
  • Equipped with pneumatic accessories
  • Equipped with electronic accessories
  • Various thermoplastic sheet can be sealed
  • Precise sealing can be done

Second Machine of Criss making machine is pneumatically powered continuous heat crissing machine provided heaters for P.P. and other plastic materials. Through the adjustable heating jaw, it is possible to change the die as per the requirement for variety of production.


Standard Features

  • Pneumatically powered semi-automatic model
  • 18" long heating jaw
  • Interchangeable jaw for variety of
  • Equipped with pneumatic accessories
  • Equipped with electronic accessories
  • Various thickness p.p. and other plastic sheets can be crissed
  • Precise sealing can be done


EEWA produces plastics sheet welding machine for making textile card can (cylindrical) drum from plastic sheet. For this particular application, it offers a set of 2 heavy duty machines for sheet welding and finishing purpose. The machines are designed for making card can drum of maximum 54" length with diameter of 9" to 48" from 1mm to 5mm thickness of plastic sheet. The unobstructed open ended sealing jaws make these machine suitable for special applications and simplifies material handling. Applicable raw materials are HDPE, LDPE, PP & ABS in sheet form.


Standard Features

  • Pneumatically operated continuous heat sealing system
  • Sealing jaw of 60" length
  • Both left and right side adjustable clamping system
  • Sheet clamping attachment on both side
  • Unlocking by mechanical system at four side
  • Automatic welding cycle
  • Natural air cooling on both side
  • Digital temperature controller cum indicator with thermocouple
  • Digital timer with thump wheel switch and indicator

Filling Machine




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